Restorative Energy Therapy

Restorative Energy Therapy™

"Several months ago I felt I needed a new direction in my life. I had been feeling exhausted from dealing DAILY with the effects of abuse suffered many years ago. I had tried years of therapy, individual and group, seeking help thru various religions, Reiki sessions, only to feel that I received only partial relief from each source. One day I saw a flier describing Restorative Energy Therapy. I called and spoke to the practitioner, Ruthann who agreed to work with me. It was life changing to say the least. I am feeling a renewed sense of positive physical and emotional health. I am sleeping much better, eating more healthy foods and in general taking good care of myself. Something I have not done for years. I feel that I have hope for a bright future. I feel more capable of giving and receiving love. I know that these changes would not be possible without my own willingness to accept that there is a source of goodness and strength that I can access at will, at any time. I feel that a gifted practitioner is also key to success and I am very grateful to have found one in Ruthann. I would recommend Restorative Energy Therapy to others if asked and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience it." - Client testimonial

Restorative Energy Therapy™ is a form of physical and intellectual therapy which taps into the wisdom of the body's innate ability to heal. Using a combination of healing therapies including Reiki and Matrix Energetics, RET effectively removes blocks from the natural flow of energy, which can contribute to dis "ease" in the body.

After years of working in both groups and individually with her clients, Ruthann was inspired to develop a therapy based in the individuals unique experience of the human condition. Becoming a silent witness to the body's eagerness to move into balance, when given the proper tools for transformation. In a supportive environment, healing is inspired in an natural and appropriate way.

Restorative Energy Therapy™ taps into the wisdom of body and mind and encourages the natural flow of healing energy to be unleashed. Through a unique combination of prescribed practices energy is restored to it's natural state of being; contentment and ease is body & mind.

Inspiring the body & mind to move into balance, Restorative Energy Therapy™ is as unique as the individual's themselves. The tools for transformation are incorporated in a combination which supports the individual's innate ability to heal. The result has an empowering and lasting effect of restoring balance from the inside out. RET empowers the individual to be in charge of their own wellness in a way which is manageable and appropriate for their specific needs.

Bringing balance back into the body has a healing effect on mind, emotions, senses, and overall well-being.

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