Individual Therapy

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Integrative Yoga Therapy

Integrative Yoga Therapy is a process of empowering individuals to progress towards improved health and well being through the application of the teachings and tools of yoga.

Integrative Yoga Therapy is a wonderful way to compliment and support other treatments you may currently be doing with other healthcare professionals. The tools learned in yoga therapy empower the individual, facilitate the healing process and provide the tools necessary to maintain well being physically and mentally.

Integrative Yoga Therapy uses the tools appropriate for the client's individual needs. Therapy is personalized to the clients individual constitution,health conditions and the intentions or desired results. The tools of yoga therapy stimulates healing from within and restores the individual to their natural state of balance and contentment.

Some common reasons individuals seek out yoga therapy: anxiety, trauma, depression, arthritis, pain management, grief/loss, insomnia , medical conditions, OCD, pre/post surgery, PTSD, respiratory conditions.

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Restorative Energy Therapy

Restorative Energy Therapy™ is a form of energy healing which taps into the wisdom of the body's innate ability to heal. Using a combination of healing therapies, RET effectively removes blocks from the natural flow of energy, which can contribute to dis "ease" in the body.

After years of working in both groups and individually with her clients, Ruthann was inspired to develop a therapy based in the individuals unique experience of the human condition. Becoming a silent witness to the body's eagerness to move into balance, when given the proper tools for transformation. In a supportive environment, healing is inspired in an natural and appropriate way.

Restorative Energy Therapy™ taps into the wisdom of body and mind and encourages the natural flow of healing energy to be unleashed. Through a unique combination of prescribed practices energy is restored to it's natural state of being; contentment and ease is body & mind.

Inspiring the body & mind to move into balance, Restorative Energy Therapy™ is as unique as the individual's themselves. The tools for transformation are incorporated in a combination which supports the individual's innate ability to heal. The result has an empowering and lasting effect of restoring balance from the inside out. RET empowers the individual to be in charge of their own wellness in a way which is manageable and appropriate for their specific needs.

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Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essences belong to the growing field of energy medicine represented by the Homeopathic, Ayurvedic & Oriental Health systems. Like other potential remedies, flower essences carry the vibrational patterns of the life forces they were made from. We believe flower essences to be some of the safest most effective and least intrusive remedies in natural pharmacopoeia. The formulas we use are synergistic blends of several flowers. These blends have been carefully designed and tested over many years. Combining essences in this way produce an effect that greatly enhances the potency of each remedy promoting deep and enhanced results.

Flower Essence consultations involve a conversation about the individual’s specific needs, and goals, overview of the desired results from the remedies and muscle testing to fine tune the specifics of the use of the flower essences for the client. This personalized approach has been proven to be an effective way to gently dissipate intensity of emotions so the individual can move through transitions and challenges with clarity and ease.

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Ruthann is a Certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Sessions include building a program specific for the individual consisting of energy work, asana, pranayama, relaxation techniques, mindfulness and meditation practices. A minimum of 3-visit package is recommended.

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