Ames Yoga Center

Student of the Month

February 2011

Each month we will highlight an Ames Yoga Center student, and post their answers to a questionnaire. This month we have selected Alexandra Hayne.

Yoga is a gift I give myself. I have a busy, stressful job, and my life has changed radically in the past two years. Practicing yoga helps keep my body, mind and spirit healthy, strong and balanced. I can’t imagine what the past couple of years would have been like without it.

What is the benefit for you in attending 2 classes a week at Ames Yoga Center?

For one thing, the two evening classes force me to leave my office at a reasonable hour at least twice a week! More than that, however, the two classes reinforce each other and keep my practice steady. I really feel it if I miss one of the classes.

How long have you been taking classes at Ames Yoga Center?

I’ve been taking classes at Ames Yoga Center for a year and a half.

How would you describe Ames Yoga Center to a friend?

An oasis of calm.

What is your favorite pose or tool of yoga practice and why?

There are so many wonderful things about yoga, but I’d have to say my favorite pose is the child’s pose. I can relax completely in this pose, and I enjoy the sensation of the muscles and vertebrae in my lower back, where I carry a lot of tension, stretching and separating. I also love my yoga blanket for the support it gives in seated positions. It takes the pressure off my hip joints so those muscles can relax.

How has practicing yoga had an impact on your work and life?