Matrix Energetics

Whether you have a physical or a mental or emotional issue this consciousness technology is a way to provide instantaneous results. Supported by modern physics, quantum healing is a effective way to restore clients to a balanced state.

Physicists agree that nothing is solid. On a subatomic level everything is made up of energy ... small particles of light and information. By tapping into the field of potential, change can occur in the pattern of energy. Whether you have an injury or a long-standing condition, shifts can occur quickly. We no longer embrace rule sets that say healing takes time.

Why have a session?

There may be a physical, emotional or a spiritual shift that needs to take place. A symptom in the physical body may be an expression of an underlying unresolved emotional issue. There may be a trauma that needs to be released or a transition that needs support. Whether you are seeking a healing in your physical body, a shift in your emotional awareness, or support in your spiritual journey, you will benefit from a session.

What is a session like?

Your session actually begins when you make your appointment, because this sets your intention for change. Like all in-person energy sessions, you remain fully clothed during your session, and may stand, sit, or lay down for your experience. There may be gentle touch involved as well as sound healing, movement and pranayama (breath work) to support the healing.

How does this work?

A way to explain it is through quantum physics. This is how Dr. Bartlett explains it in his seminars. According to physics, all matter is made of atoms that are made of subatomic particles that are in turn made of energy and information. Research has shown that consciousness can influence subatomic particles and energy. In Matrix Energetics, a the practitioner accesses the information which has called the "sea of infinite possibilities." A person with a health problem has certain information in the body that maintains the unhealthy state. A Matrix Energetics practitioner allows for the possibility of the information to change that causes the health problem to change.

How effective is it?

Clients will respond to treatment positively. Energy will always shift. Since the shifts are individual to the client, the “results” are as individual as the person.

How many sessions are needed?

It is not unusual for a client to have lasting relief or shift in a single session. It is difficult to predict. It seems some of the more extensive and complicated issues may require more treatments but it really depends on the individual.

Do you need to return for maintenance sessions?

It depends on the client’s own energy shifts. After the condition is adequately treated, usually no further treatments are needed unless the condition returns or shows up as something different, which then we can address.

How soon can improvement be seen?

Most people will notice a definite improvement after the first treatment. There are two ways improvement may be seen. The first is instantaneous. The other improvement is seen as a process. The shift continues to happen over the following weeks and months and small, noticeable changes happen.


I was fortunate to meet Ruthann in early 2012. I work in the medical field, lead a very busy life style and had never been exposed to or interested in Yoga. Nevertheless, when I was diagnosed with a serious illness in the summer of 2012, I contacted Ruthann because I felt that – after years of neglect - I needed to give my body the best support to overcome my illness. Ruthann performed restorative energy therapy and Matrix Energetics terms I had never heard before and decided not to investigate at that time, because I just wanted to experience rather than trying to rationalize. It is difficult to put into words what happened with me that day during a single session, but it felt like it tapped somewhere into my innermost being and allowed me to let go and rid myself of years of negative energy (for lack of a better word). I stepped out of that session and although nothing around me had changed, everything had changed for me. It was like something had been reset, almost like being reborn, and I was filled with a happiness I had forgotten existed. Ruthann has an amazing gift and I feel blessed that our paths crossed and I was able to have this life changing, if not lifesaving experience.

This was a profound experience for me. I chose not to read anything about Matrix therapy before my session, so I went in with no expectations of what would happen. I am very fortunate to have someone like Ruthann that I trust so fully, because I felt that I was able to turn myself over to experiencing without thinking, planning, anticipating. When Ruthann worked on me I was taken by surprise at the well of emotion I experienced. It came through with such clarity, like a primary color, a pure feeling of sadness and grief at not being cherished. Then the energy was replaced by the most intense feeling of love surrounding me. I could see white light all around me. It lasted for quite a while. Tears that had been tears of sadness turned to tears of being moved by that incredible sensation, the divine all around me and connecting to the divine within me. I have had that experience in meditation before, and have been bathed in that white light before, but never for so long or with such intensity. It was so healing and so wonderful.

After that, as you were working on me the bath of light shifted to an oval ring of bright light coming down over my shoulders, heart, and upper abdomen I think, more to one side than the other. I had the sense that it was healing in a physical sense, almost like a piece of medical equipment. As we finished, I felt a calm and love that was beyond words. I also had the sense of having almost lost time and space for a while. I went home and did very little--decided to take a nap to let it sink into my unconscious. I do feel like something in me has shifted. This experience is one of those that I will remember for a lifetime. I cannot thank you enough for providing it for me. Again, Ruthann, thank you. You are a treasure here in our little town, we are so lucky to have you!

Several months ago I felt I needed a new direction in my life. I had been feeling exhausted from dealing DAILY with the effects of abuse suffered many years ago. I had tried years of therapy, individual and group, seeking help thru various religions, Reiki sessions, only to feel that I received only partial relief from each source. One day I saw a flier describing Matrix Energetics I called and spoke to Ruthann and set up an appointment. It was life changing to say the least. I am feeling a renewed sense of positive physical and emotional health. I am sleeping much better, eating more healthy foods and in general taking good care of myself. Something I have not done for years. I feel that I have hope for a bright future. I feel more capable of giving and receiving love. I feel that a gifted practitioner like Ruthann is also key to success and I am very grateful to have found her. I would recommend Restorative Energy Therapy/Matrix Energetics to others if asked and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience it with Ruthann.

- Ames Yoga Center client

After the session, I felt a deep sense of peace and contentment that I had never experienced before. It was the divine within me being recognized in every cell of my being. This feeling I am able to access at will when I need to be reminded of who I am.

- Ames Yoga Center client

What have leaders in alternative medicine said about Matrix Energetics?

"For over 14 years, I have witnessed physical, emotional, and disease reversals, including terminal cases. Dr. Bartlett's methods are among the most exceptional of the healing modalities that I have studied."

-- Christopher Hegarty, Ph.D., former editor for Alternative Medicine Magazine

"Matrix Energetics applies the principles of quantum physics as a unique and effective approach to healing. This is the essence of energy medicine."

-- C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, author of Miracles Do Happen, Life Beyond 100, and Soul Medicine: Awakening Your Inner Blueprint For Abundant Health and Energy

"Richard Bartlett, founder of matrix Energetics, is an invaluable gift to this world. He is one of the few people on the planet who are breaking the boundaries of what we have imagined to be possible for humankind".

-- Rhonda Byrne,author of the best-selling book, The Secret

"Dr. Richard Bartlett is truly a man of miracles. In Matrix Energetics, he has grasped and owned an essential operating principle of nature: that we are all co-creators of our personal reality whether we consciously choose to be or not."

-- William Tiller, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

CANCELLATION POLICY Session times may be changed up to 24 hours prior to actual appointment time. There are no refunds for sessions canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

Ruthann O'Brien Hadish is a certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner offering sessions at Ames Yoga Center. Call or e-mail for an appointment 515 291-9642