Specialty Series
Intro to Mindfulness & Meditation
5 week course
Mondays 6:45-8:00pm
Oct 30 - Nov 27, 2017

There has been much research to support the healing benefits to both body & mind from the practice of meditation.
Based on Jon Kabit- Zinn's renowned mindfulness-based stress reduction program, we will explore different medically proven mind-body techniques derived from meditation and yoga to reduce stress and support balance and well being. Students will learn to cultivate a practice formally and informally which they can integrate moment by moment into the overall quality of their daily life.

The course is taught by Ruthann O'Brien Hadish, certified yoga, yoga therapy and meditation instructor.

Previous Series:

Yoga Sankalpa for Transformation 
A refreshing alternative to the New Year's Resolution
4-Week Intensive
Jan. 22nd-Feb.12th 2017   

Yoga Sankalpa is a four week intensive designed to clarify and support an integrative approach for your transformation from the inside out. Now is the time to put into motion your highest truth for 2017. Sankalpa is an intention, affirmation, and resolve all rolled into one which supports your highest truth for realizing your hearts desires.
•    Students will explore exercises to discover their unique sankalpa.
•    Learn how to empower your sankalpa through specific techniques.
•    Students will cultivate a sankalpa which supports a more balanced life.
Class size is limited. Please register by Jan. 19th,

Intro to Mindfulness & Meditation                 
the practice of being present  
6-Week Series   
Mondays, Jan 23rd-Feb. 27th  6:45-8pm 

There has been much research to support the healing benefits to both body & mind from the practice of meditation.  In this course we will explore different styles of meditation and the techniques that support the practice.
Students will gain an understanding of which technique is appropriate for their constitution and learn to cultivate a practice that supports their lifestyle.
Class size is limited. Please register by Jan. 20th.

Chase the Blues Away    
tools to manage the ebbs & flows of life
6-Week Series
Saturdays 10-11am Jan 21st-Feb. 25th
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The moodiness of the winter season and loss of daylight can often be a difficult time. Yoga techniques focused on supporting balance in body and mind can ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. 
In this course, students will learn techniques that reduce the stress response, improve mood and calm the mind. Scientific study of yoga shows that it is highly effective in helping people manage symptoms and even overcome issues relating to stress, anxiety and depression. Students will learn effective tools to restore balance from the inside out.  Connect to your inherent wisdom and reclaim your natural state of being.
Class size is limited. Please register by Jan. 18th.
Magical Mudras & Mantras   
4-Week Series
Saturdays, Feb 11th-Mar. 4th 1:30-2:45pm 
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Restore balance through mudras intention.
Align energy centers through mantra vibration.
Awaken to our true nature, peace, contentment & joy.
In this series we will explore ancient methods of pranayama breath work, mantra healing sound and hand mudras to awaken the true nature of our being.          
Class size is limited. Please register by Feb. 8th