Transformational Yoga 
Ames Yoga Center offers therapeutic Yoga -- a form of Hatha Yoga that unravels the tensions hidden deep 
in the spine resulting in gentle and profound physical changes. In Yoga, we work with gentle movements that will make deep changes in your body and your mind, clearing out old mental and emotional patterns and at the same time increasing both strength and flexibility. The practice has truly profound and lasting effects on the body, as well as mind and spirit.This type of opening helps to access states of bliss or inner joy.
Therapuetic Yoga uses yoga poses (asanas) and breath work (pranayana) for healing and transformation. The practice allows you to create more clarity, freedom, effectiveness, and happiness in your life. At the same time Bliss Yoga enables you to achieve the many benefits which yoga practices offer the body: health, youthfulness, strength, vitality, and joy!

I have loved all of your sessions and am amazed how much you have taught me. I never dreamed that each week could be so unique. The way you tie the five weeks of a session together is beautiful and promotes my learning. I very much enjoy the breathing exercises in addition to the physical exercises. You are a fabulous teacher, and I can't imagine life without your class. It sounds dramatic but it's true. I don't know how I functioned before. - Heather A.